Rebuilding Together

EA-MW joined forced with Rebuilding Together to help transform the life of a low-income homeowner in the Arlington, VA area.

SEA-MW Looking for Volunteers!

SEA-MW is hosting a booth at this year’s festival to promote the Structural Engineering profession and to introduce K-12 student’s to the exciting field of Structural Engineering. We are currently looking for volunteers to help manage the booth during the three-day Expo (Friday April 15th through Sunday April 17th) and help get the attendees excited about Structural Engineering. If you are interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about the event, sign-up here or email Dara Naderi (

Volunteer Sign Up

SEA-MW Suggested Revisions to the DCRA Request for Acceptance of Certification of Structural Design

Last year, DCRA presented the Request for Acceptance of Certification of Structural Design to the SEA-MW. Many of you may have been presented with this document for work in the District. This is a document that allows property owners seeking a building permit in DC to accept the certification of a DC licensed structural engineer in lieu of structural review of plans by DCRA. The SEA-MW Board has extensively reviewed this document with counsel and have identified language within that form that compromises our insurability. The SEA-MW has proposed several revisions to the document. The revisions target the following:

1. Maintain insurability.

2. Tie indemnification to negligence.

3. Subject our work to the standard of care.

4. Remove implied warranties or guarantees.

We believe that by maintaining the insurability of our work, all parties will benefit, including DCRA. Our proposed revisions have been submitted to DCRA and are currently under review by DCRA and their counsel. We are awaiting their response. In the meantime, the SEA-MW Board felt that it is important to share this document with the member organization for their consideration when next presented with the DCRA Request for Acceptance of Certification of Structural Design.

Download Proposed Revisions