Scope Creep and Risk Management or Leadership

Speaker: Various

March 15, 2017
6:00 pm, Maggiano’s Chevy Chase, 5333 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, DC

We invite you to join us in March for a panel discussion on Scope Creep, and to hear the experiences of your peers in dealing with Scope Creep on various projects. The panel will provide a brief introduction to scope creep, how it affects us as structural engineers, and how it can manifest itself over the course of a project. The panel will then discuss how contracts and structural engineer’s standard scopes have changed over the years, some of the current issues we are all seeing regarding scope creep and maybe how some of us in the community handle these situations. Please join us for this panel discussion.

1. Jonathan Shoemaker – Lee & McShane
2. Lauren Martin – CAN A/E Claims
3. Frank Malits – Cagley
4. Guy Razzi – SK&A
5. Mike Goss – RGA
6. Tom Bouffard– Ehlert Bryan

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